GLmol embedding examples

You can embed multiple instances of GLmol in a page. Molecular representations can be customized by Javascript. For the details, please examine the source code of this page. If it is not clear, don't hesitate to ask me (biochem_fan at

Rotation: left button, Translation: middle button or Ctrl-key + left button, Zoom: Wheel or right button(up/down) or Shift-key + left button(up/down)

Embedding Protein with customized representation

The following model is horse deoxyhaemoglobin(Adapted from PDB 2DHB).

The Iron atom (colored ocher) is coordinated by five nitrogen atoms (colored blue); four from a heme and one from a histidine residue in the protein. When oxidized, an oxygen molecule binds at the opposite side of the histidine as another axial ligand.

WARNING: This example loads a PDB file located on this server by XmlHttpRequest. Due to the same-origin-policy, this example will not work when saved to your local disk. GLmol can load coordinate files located on the same Web server (not local filesystem) as the HTML itself or Ajax-enabled servers (like PubChem, RCSB PDB).

Embedding small molecule

The following molecule is triiodothyroxine.

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