GLmol -- Molecular Viewer on WebGL/Javascript
Version 0.47 (20120827)

This program is written by biochem_fan and released under LGPL. Please visit my project page for the details and source code distribution.

Comments and Suggestions are welcome. Please mail to biochem_fan at users.sourceforge.jp or write in the forum.

How to use

You can also change mouse mode with radio buttons at right-bottom corner.

You can load PDB, SDF/MOL(MDL not SYBYL) or XYZ files
-from local disk (don't worry. your file will not be uploaded),
-from RCSB PDB server, PDBID:
-from PubChem server, Compound ID(CID):
-or from the textarea below.

Color by
Main chain as
Nucleic acid bases as
Side chains as lines
Don't smooth beta-sheets in ribbons
Non-bonded atoms (solvent/ions) as
Small molecules(HETATMs) as
Multiple bond option is for SDF/MOL file ONLY.
Unit cell
Biological assembly (the last one defined)
Crystal packing
Show HETATMs in symmetry mates (slower)
Background color: Projection:


Loading structure from server... It may take a while.

If you believe something went wrong, please make sure PDB ID is correct.
Please also make sure that WebGL is enabled in your browser.