GLmol - Molecular Viewer on WebGL/Javascript

About GLmol

GLmol is a 3D molecular viewer based on WebGL and Javascript. You can embed molecular models in Web pages without using Java or plugins. GLmol is open-source software under dual license of LGPL3 or MIT license.

There is also Android version; ESmol and NDKmol.

2014/5/26: Electron density viewer (isomesh and volume rendering) is under development. See the special page!
New features (dynamic coloring, labeling, click-to-identify, etc) is also being developed. Please contact me to try beta versions.


Currently GLmol has following features. More is coming... Screenshot of GLmol

System requirements

GLmol runs on newer versions of Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Opera. Safari users have to enable WebGL manually. Internet Explorer is not supported because IE doesn't implement WebGL. Some old video cards are blacklisted by browsers due to insufficient compatibility. You can still force enable WebGL as shown below, but GLmol might not work.

GLmol runs on Sony Ericsson's Android devices which support WebGL. Support for Firefox Mobile is currently underway. Reportedly, GLmol also runs on WebGL enabled safari in iOS (see this video by Dr. Quinn)

If you see only black screen and you are using


You can try GLmol below.

The previous version of GLmol (0.35) is also available.


You can download GLmol from the following link.



Design principles and Architecture of GLmol describes details of implementation and current limitations.

To learn how to embed GLmol into your page, please examine source code of Example of embedding.


Comments and suggestions are welcome. Please mail to biochem_fan at or write in the forum.